Please do not update the firmware unless you are directed by FiberFox Support Team


User Manual

Updates Guide PDF File

Please see this guide before update the firmware

Splice Result Data Export to Excel

Export Manual

Parameter Data Export/Import

Export Manual

Import Manual


For Single Splicers

Mini4S Firmware V.1.44

Mini5C Firmware V.1.44

Mini6S Firmware V1.44

Bridge Firmware

Mini6S Firmware V1.48

** Please update to Bridge firmware before updating to V.1.50 or newer, if current firmware version is older than V1.47 **

Mini6S Firmware V1.50
(Direct Charging Function for Thermal Stripper)



!! It is recommended to finish Basic Maintenance Steps From # 2(II) to # 4 (IV) after firmware upgrade !!

Click here for Basic Maintenance Manual